Africa Bartercard eXchange (ABX) is a registered Commodity Trading company in Ghana  and Franchisee of BARTERCARD in West Africa (ECOWAS).

Africa is on the verge of being introduced to this phenomenon making waves across the world. A new dawn beckons the reeks of untold financial and economic rewards. The population on the continent gives rise to hope, joy, economic independence, stability and wealth.

Bartercard is a very successful scheme in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America. The goal of ABX is to replicate a very successful business model on the African continent.

Africans are the masters of barter trade, having traded in goods and services since time immemorial. Introducing a new technologically-coordinated approach to a process that she is very familiar with is a welcoming news.

Technology has come to stay and Africans are always on the lookout for diverse modes and technology to promote business and trade.